Coverage of the data set

The currently available data on international exchange destinations and programs only covers the University of Tampere. The available data will be expanded to include all the data of the Universities in the future.

Description of the data set

International exchange destinations and programs data set includes information on all current international exchange destinations and programs.

Description of the interface

The data set is in JSON format and the address of the interface is

Fields of the data set:

  • koodi – code of the destination/program
  • yliopisto – name of the destination/program
  • maa – country of the destination/program
  • ala – unit/institute/faculty/field of the destination/program
  • url – address of the description of the destination/program

Example of a data set

    "koodi": "IN MUMBAI03",
    "yliopisto": "Tata Institute of Social Sciences",
    "maa": "Intia",
    "ala": "Kaikki yksiköt ja tutkinto-ohjelmat",
    "url": ""