Course units

Course units (courseunit) API contains descriptions of the course units.

API address:
See API documentation in Swagger UI

Field Type Description
id number Unique database identifier of the course unit
code text Identification code of the course unit
name text Name of the course unit
credits number Academic credits given upon completion of the course unit
currentStatus text Status of the course unit
yearOfFoundation number Year when the course unit was made
teachingLanguage text Teaching language of the course unit
content text Content of the course unit
furtherInformation text Details of the course unit
qualifications text Preliminary requirements
objective text Knowledge and skills acquired in the course unit
evaluationCriteria1 text Grade, satisfactory (1-2)
evaluationCriteria2 text Grade, good (3-4)
evaluationCriteria3 text Grade, excellent (5)
evaluationCriteria4 text Grade, pass/fail
teachingMethods text Methods of teaching
materials text Materials used in the course unit

Search course units

Available search fields.

Field Type Description
name text Name of the course
codes list List of codes for course units

Example: find course unit by code (response content in English):

curl -u "<API key>:" -X POST -H "Accept-Language: en" -d '{ "codes": ["IM00BR45"]}'


Field Description
status Indicates if the request was succesful; “success”, “warn”, “error”
message Possible message detailing the error message, for example
courseUnits Course units

Reponse to the previous request:

  "courseUnits": [
      "materials": "",
      "teachingMethods": "",
      "evaluationCriteria4": "",
      "evaluationCriteria3": "",
      "evaluationCriteria2": "",
      "evaluationCriteria1": "",
      "objective": "The student is able to\r\n-Analyse media from the end user experience perspective\r\n-Use basic concepting work methods and practices in the media development field\r\n-Collaborate in an international student team.",
      "id": "2409",
      "code": "IM00BR45",
      "credits": 5,
      "yearOfFoundation": 0,
      "name": "Media work methods",
      "content": "- Media experience creation\r\n- Benchmarking\r\n- Basic theories and practises of user-centered design\r\n- Brainstorming and team working methods and practises\r\n- Sustainable development",
      "furtherInformation": "",
      "qualifications": ""
  "status": "success"