Descriptive information on research datasets

Tampere higher education community recommends that researchers publish their research data in a repository or service that fits the material. Tampere University does not maintain a service that provides this material in machine-readable form.

In accordance of Tampere higher education community guidelines on open science the essential metadata on the research datasets is always publicly open. Metadata is released when archiving the datasets or in a service best suited for the metadata depending on the field of study. The University offers recommendations on possible services, which can be used to make the metadata available. Tampere higher education community does not currently maintain a service on which the metadata on research would be available.

Digital research data originating from Tampere University that are deposited at the Finnish Social Science Data Archive are available on Aila Data Service with extensive descriptive information. Anyone can browse the data catalogue, search for datasets and read study descriptions on Aila. Some datasets are also openly accessible for any reuse purpose. Metadata on research datasets from Tampere University are also available in research data finder Etsin. Etsin is a research data finder that contains descriptive information – that is, metadata – on research datasets. The metadata stored in Etsin includes information on the author, subject, format and licensing of the dataset. In the service, you can search and find data from various fields of research.

All publication data and activities of Hervanta campus are maintained in the TUTCRIS research information system. TUTCRIS also serves as an institutional repository for Hervanta campus. Information on projects, datasets and research infrastructure is also maintained in the system.