Implementations of course units

Implemantations of course units (realization) API contains descriptions of implementations and connections to organisation information.

API address:
See API documentation in Swagger UI

Field Type Description
id number Unique database identifier of the implementation
code text Official course registry code of the implementation
name text Name of the implementation
startDate date Start date of the implementation
endDate date End date of the implementation
enrollmentStart date When the enrollment starts
enrollmentEnd date When the enrollment closes
teachingLanguage text Teaching language
credits number Amount of study credits
virtualProportion number Amount of virtual studies
content text Content description
furtherInformationOfRealization text Details of the course unit implementation
furtherInformationOfCourse text Details of the course unit
qualifications text Preliminary requirements
objective text Knowledge and skills acquired during the implementation
cuEvaluationCriteria1 text Grade of the course unit, satisfactory (1-2)
cuEvaluationCriteria2 text Grade of the course unit, good (3-4)
cuEvaluationCriteria3 text Grade of the course unit, excellent (5)
cuEvaluationCriteria4 text Grade of the course unit, pass/fail
curEvaluationCriteria text Grading
examSchedule text Exam dates
completionAlternatives text Optional methods to complete the implementation
approveRejectDescription text Grade description – pass/fail
employerConnections text Associations to practical training and working life collaboration
evaluationScale text Grade scale
studentWorkload text Time required from the student and workload
teachingMethods text Methods of teaching
office campus Campus or location
unit organisation unit Organisation unit responsible of the implementation
tags list Labels
degreeProgrammes list Degree programmes containing the implementation
studentGroups list Student groups associated with the implementation

Search implementations

Available search fields.

Field Type Description
name text Name of the implementation
codes list List of codes of implementations
startDate date Start date and time of the implementation must be the same or greater than the value specified
endDate date End date and time of the implemention must be the same or less than the value specified
studentGroups list List of student group codes

Example: search implementation by code (reponse content in English):

curl -u "<API key>:" -X POST "Accept-Language: en" -d '{ "codes": ["IM00BR45-3001"]}'


Field Description
status Indicates if the request was succesful; “success”, “warn”, “error”
message Possible message detailing the error message, for example
realizations Implementations of the course units

Response to the previous request:

  "realizations": [
      "studentGroups": [
          "name": {
            "valueSv": "",
            "valueEn": "",
            "valueFi": "Degree Programme in Media 2013, kaikki aloittaneet"
          "code": "13MEDIA"
          "name": {
            "valueSv": "Interactive Media",
            "valueEn": "Interactive Media",
            "valueFi": "Interactive Media"
          "code": "13INTMEDIA"
      "educationalFields": [
          "facetName": "23|Kulttuuriala",
          "code": "2",
          "localizedName": {
            "valueSv": "",
            "valueEn": "Culture",
            "valueFi": "Kulttuuriala"
          "id": "23"
      "degreeProgrammes": [
          "facetName": "27|Degree Programme in Media",
          "code": "7025",
          "localizedName": {
            "valueSv": "",
            "valueEn": "Degree Programme in Media",
            "valueFi": "Degree Programme in Media"
          "id": "27"
      "tags": [],
      "unit": {
        "facetName": "1196|D.P. in Media",
        "code": "",
        "localizedName": {
          "valueSv": "",
          "valueEn": "D.P. in Media",
          "valueFi": "D.P. in Media"
        "id": "1196"
      "office": {
        "facetName": "13214|Mediapolis (FIN)",
        "code": "fin",
        "localizedName": {
          "valueSv": "",
          "valueEn": "Mediapolis (FIN)",
          "valueFi": "Mediapolis (FIN)"
        "id": "13214"
      "teachingMethods": "Contact teaching|study conversation|exercises|summary report",
      "studentWorkload": "",
      "employerConnections": "",
      "approveRejectDescription": "",
      "completionAlternatives": "",
      "examSchedule": "",
      "curEvaluationCriteria": "Active participation. Personal learning diary. Presentation.",
      "cuEvaluationCriteria4": "",
      "cuEvaluationCriteria3": "",
      "cuEvaluationCriteria2": "",
      "credits": 5,
      "teachingLanguage": "en",
      "enrollmentEnd": "2013-09-08T23:59",
      "enrollmentStart": "2013-07-02T00:00",
      "endDate": "2013-12-31T23:59",
      "startDate": "2013-08-19T00:00",
      "code": "IM00BR45-3001",
      "id": "25832",
      "virtualProportion": 0,
      "name": "Media work methods",
      "content": "- Media experience creation\r\n- Benchmarking\r\n- Basic theories and practises of user-centered design\r\n- Brainstorming and team working methods and practises\r\n- Sustainable development",
      "furtherInformationOfRealization": "Course starts 14.8.2013 1 p.m. in class room Ada. Other details in Google calendar. Course timing: 14.-30.8. and 29.-31.10.2013",
      "furtherInformationOfCourse": "",
      "qualifications": "",
      "objective": "The student is able to\r\n-Analyse media from the end user experience perspective\r\n-Use basic concepting work methods and practices in the media development field\r\n-Collaborate in an international student team.",
      "cuEvaluationCriteria1": ""
  "status": "success"